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Submitted on
June 1, 2013


328 (who?)

The past couple weeks have just been hectic due to it being Valentine's and whatnot. ^^;
(Not to mention a couple of the people I need to get opinions from haven't been on due to their own reasons.)
Everything is set to be announced by the first week of March at the latest, however.
Thank you for your patience, and I apologise for the wait!

UPDATE 02/09:
No more will be accepted from this point on.
Now comes the toughest part of all... judging.  And it's going to be a difficult task indeed.
Unlike last times when I did all solely by myself, this time I will be getting some assistance from people I know who are also familiar with The Summoner, its premise/background and characters.
Final decisions will be mine, however...
I ask for everyone's patience in this, and it might not be until March that I'm able to find the time to finalise everything.
Best of luck to everyone!

Also, the winner of the advertising contest is lepetitOrange !
Please note me with your PayPal information ASAP and I'll send over your $25.
Or, if you prefer :points:, let me know and I'll send that over instead. :)

UPDATE 02/07: Just a reminder that all extension-given entries must be submitted by:
Sunday, February 9th at 8am PST

UPDATE 02/01: Contest is officially, more or less, over!
The grace period begins now for entries, and ends at 8am PST.  Any entries marked after that time will not be accepted, UNLESS YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE WHO ASKED FOR AN EXTENSION.
(Or I have told you otherwise).
In regards to extensions, all those who requested one (whether I got back to you or not):
You have until 8:00am PST on February 9th.
The advertising contest is over, winner for that will be announced soon enough.

UPDATE 01/31: Hello everyone!  Today is the (official) end date for all entries to be submitted.
As a reminder, it does go by PST (Pacific Standard Time) which is the west coast of the United States.
There will be a grace period of a couple hours afterwards (my time) that submissions will still be accepted without needing an extension.
On that matter, if you need an extension, let me know by 11:59pm PST today!
Even if it's just a day later, better safe than sorry.
Everyone who asks for one will be granted one, and have until 11:59pm PST on February 8th.
The advertising contest will end tonight, however.

UPDATE 01/28: Four days left for both submissions and/or extension requests!
As of now, there have been just a few extension requests which have all been granted so I suppose, in a way,
judging won't start until the given extension date is reached.
Still, please be certain to let me know if you will be taking hold of the extension in order to be able to get your submission complete!
On a somewhat related note, I highly doubt we'll be reaching the 100 entries needed for additional cash to be added to first/second/third - however, all other prize tiers have been reached!
So first/second/third will be getting all USD/points/memberships that were slated for the given prize tiers.

UPDATE 01/24: With the deadline creeping up, only time will see if there are any twelfth hour entries. :p
If for some reason you still need an extension, you have until 11:59pm on 01/31 to let me know.
All those who contact me before or by then will get up to an additional week more, but you must let me know!

UPDATE 12/24: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the contest will be extended another month,
ending instead on the 31st of January, 2014. 
My apologies to everyone, but it was either that or having everyone being stuck waiting a month
anyways for me to be able to get around to judging/announcing winners.  At least this way, those who
wanted to enter but weren't able to make it for the original deadline are given an opportunity to participate!


Total Submissions: 86

(unique entries counted only)

The Summoner Art Contest by baark


What THIS is is another art contest, and the one I've been most anxious to hold since the beginning of the year.

The characters featured to be drawn are ones I've held rather close for years now, and I hope you find yourself inspired to participate and draw them, just as they've constantly brought me inspiration in the literary sense.


Contest begins June 1, 2013 and ends January 31, 2014.


There are a total of eight (8) human characters in which you're able to choose from to draw for this contest.  All their information (profiles, character sheets, references, etc) can be found here:

Click Me!

(Note: Does not work well on mobile browsers including those on tablets.)

If you aren't comfortable drawing humans, there are also options to draw animals - whether it be one of Eric's summons, or either of Rachael's beast forms. :)

Characters can be drawn separate or together - whatever it is that YOU, the artist, feel most inspired to do. 

The provided link also has information regarding songs I find 'fitting' to listen to in regards to relating to a character too, along with some of the literary bits and pieces I've actually written.  Perhaps inspiration can be found from them? Perhaps not.

Heck, if for some reason you feel like gender-bending, then have at it! It isn't like I haven't done so to them myself, before...


If The Summoner were an established, mainstream thing, its 'canon' (romantic) couples would be as follows (the name before the x determines who the more 'dominant' partner would be)... Kai x Eric and Jareth x Erikson (Renault).

The not so 'canon' (but there is a POSSIBILITY!)... Renault x Eric, Eric x Liliana, Erikson (Renault) x Anailil and Rachael x Liliana.

Of course there is always the sibling relationships (that are not of the romantic nature).  Everything else in a romantic sense not listed above is highly probable to be of a crack-ish ideal but that's what makes crack so wonderful to toy around with.

For this contest, you can draw whichever pairing you wish to, whether it be 'canon', 'semi-canon', or downright crack in terms of plausibility.  Threesome/group submissions are also welcome.


When looking at the given character sheets, you might notice that most of the characters have two to three different outfit choices.  So you might be asking yourself, 'Okay.  So which outfit do I draw them in?'  That, of course, is up to you... HOWEVER, take the following into consideration:

For Liliana, Kai, Rachael, Jareth and Anailil, their secondary outfits are considered their 'endgame' outfits. which more of less means that these are the ones they wear at the end of the story.  For the most part, it is almost the same for all of them with the exception of Rachael, Kai and Jareth, whose ensembles are drastically different.
For Eric and Erikson (Renault), like for the others, their last, far right-hand outfits are considered their 'endgame' ones, while you can consider their middle outfits more or less as a 'ceremonial/battle' one.


List of suggestions for what to draw, if you're looking for some:

  • Single/one-character
  • Genderbending
  • Romantic or platonic pairings (Slash, femslash, het, etc)
  • Threesome or moresomes.
  • 'Crossover' between original and alternate selves.
  • Angst! Tragedy! Drama! ... Fluff? :XD:
  • 'Cover'/'Title' page, kind of like how it is here.
  • Inspired by songs, whether or not said songs are those listed here.
  • Inspired by any of the written works here (Keep in mind that some of the character profiles also include written stuff as well).
  • Whatever you, yourself, find yourself coming up with!


01. Entries submitted must be one hundred percent your own creation (no using bases).  Using references in regards to matters such as poses is fine, but source must be stated and credited.  Photo manipulation is a no-go, as is (obviously) tracing.

02. If I have commissioned or requested art from you in the past, you are still free to enter.  However, you can not use the art done for said commission/requests.  Submitted artwork must be unique in creation.

03. All manners and genres of visual art is allowed, whether it be done using digital and-or traditional means.  Submissions can be of any rating, as long as it's considered appropriate to dA standards and contain proper filters.  Literature submissions will also be considered valid forms of entries.

04. If somehow you come across this contest and wish to enter but don't wish to join dA in order to do so, that is fine. 

05. There is no limit to the number of entries each artist (or writer) wishes to submit, though an artist (or writer) is limited to winning just one major prize (so no to the same artist winning both first and second or variation thereof).


Aside from personal feelings, there are three major aspects that I will keep in mind when looking over entries:

EFFORT: I don't expect perfection, but it should be apparent that you did, at least, try your best.

CREATIVITY: Despite restrictions in regards to what makes each character him or herself, there is always room for interpretations and concepts.

ACCURACY: For the most part, as long as all the major details are there, I don't mind artistic liberties being taken... to a point.


The ultimate prize is $250USD.

In all, like with all the contests I've held before this one, I will be awarding this prize and additional ones based on a tier-system...

24 minimum entries received: First place awarded.
33 minimum entries received: Second place awarded.
40 minimum entries received: Third place awarded.
55 minimum entries received: Additional :points: added to first/second/third.
65 minimum entries received: Additional premium memberships added to first/second/third.
100 minimum entries received: Additional USD added to first/second/third.

If not even the first place tier is reached, then what I will do is divide up the intended (initial) $250USD amongst all the artists who had submitted something.


Monetary awards will be given via PayPal, and in USD, only.  No conversions to other currencies.  If for some reason you are unable to accept PayPal payments, then I can instead give you the equivalent amount in :points:.

:bulletred: indicates that prize's tier has NOT been reached, and will NOT be awarded.
:bulletgreen: indicates that prize's tier HAS been reached, and WILL be awarded.

First Place:
:bulletgreen: $250USD.
:bulletgreen: 2500:points:
:bulletgreen: 12month premium membership.
:bulletred: + $50USD.

Second Place:
:bulletgreen: $100USD.
:bulletgreen: 1600:points:
:bulletgreen: 6mo premium membership.
:bulletred: + $50USD.

Third Place:
:bulletgreen: $50USD.
:bulletgreen: 1200:points:
:bulletgreen: 3mo premium membership.
:bulletred: + $50USD.

As long as the minimum amount of entries is reached for a given tier, prizes will never be decreased or excluded.  However, there is always the possibility of prizes being added or increased.


If you are interested in entering, all you need to do is post a comment with a link to the piece of art/literature being submitted.  Interest can be expressed before actually submitting an entry, though isn't necessary.

If you don't feel comfortable posting your submission on the site (DeviantArt) for whatever reason, contact me via note and I will be glad to provide my email address to send it to instead.

For all submissions, please make certain to state somewhere in either the title or description that it is for this contest... and provide a link back to this information journal as well.

It would also be appreciated if all entries included at least a download to the full-sized version of the original image - sometimes details get lost when resized.

One last thing - no watermarks (especially DA's default one)!  Or, if you wish to include it on the public image, that is understandable, but I'd like it if you could somehow get me a version without it.


I hope this contest is a success.  In order to give it a bigger chance of being such, I would appreciate any help I could possibly get in spreading the word about it.

So please, help to do so if you can.  Whether you plan on entering yourself or just wish to help let others out there know about it. :)

You won't need to do so for nothing, however!  I am holding a small contest of sorts in regards to advertising, in which $25USD will be raffled off to a single person.  There are multiple ways to get 'tickets':

  • Advertise in your journal.
  • For each person who actually submits an entry and mentions they found out about the contest through you in their submission comment/note.

List of 'ticket'-holders can be found here.


If you have questions or need clarification on anything, then please don't hesitate to ask.  I don't bite, and will do my best to answer. :)

I also suggest not waiting until closer to the end date for submissions, and instead send them in as soon as you're feasibly able to.  I plan on (hopefully) awarding raffle-off prizes of either USD or :points: each month for total amount of entries.  Might not be first place or that much, but it's yet another chance at potentially getting something. :aww:
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